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What I do

Hi there! I'm Lisa M. Hunsberger, an all-round creative with an eye for design and a passion for presentations. I offer design services and consultation, in addition to presentation design webinars and workshops. If you've missed any of my past YaadPikni presentations and would like to be notified about future workshops and webinars, please sign up here.

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Hire me

"We hired Lisa for a very important project primarily because of her reputation throughout the Japanese university/ English teaching landscape. She is well known as an engaging speaker, passionate teacher, and expert presentation designer. We can attest that her reputation is well earned. The project we hired her for was complicated in nature. In our first meeting, she listened intently to what we wanted and asked questions to confirm that we were always on the same page. We were impressed with her attention to detail, flexibility, and communication skills throughout the whole process. Of course the work she did for us was beyond impressive. Her level of dedication to our project was very much appreciated. Thanks again!"
— JC