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I'm Lisa M. Hunsberger, an all-round creative with an eye for design and a passion for presentations. I offer a range of freelance creative design services, in addition to webinars, lessons, and workshops.

Check out my portfolio to see samples of my work, and learn more about my background and expertise in 'About'. Then hire me for your next great project. I look forward to working with you!


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• Excellent presentation, professional and pertinent

• It was new to think about the ABCs of presenting. Also, the concept of creating a profile of my audience was very new to me and quite useful.

• I learn a bit more with every seminar I attend, and I appreciate the work you put into making your presentations so informative and attractive

• It was good. A refresher and I learnt a few new things

• Excellent info. I found it helpful to learn a more strategic approach to creating presentations.

• Very good. As a high-level user of Keynote, I understand how the effects were done, so I got some good ideas. I think the novices would like to see a step-by-step for animations.

• Information was sufficient and the session was interactive.

• It was full of pertinent information, but was not overwhelming

• It was engaging and interesting.

• Well done. Thanks for giving back to Jamaica

• Very organized and helpful

• It was excellent.
• It was easy to follow, full of ideas and informative. Even though there was a lot of information you kept it simple and I was able to follow along

• Your timing is on point for transfer of learning
• I found it very helpful. I certainly learned something new with the transition function!
• It was great and really impressive how you toggled between powerpoint and keynote.

• You have a great design aesthetic.

• I liked the warm and friendly atmosphere YOU create.

• I really appreciated having the slides that you provided for us to practice with and follow along.

• Of course, I found the information very useful, but I was completely amazed by the timing of the webinar. I think it clearly indicated the presenter's professionalism with time.
it was easy to follow.


• I’d really love to attend a webinar to learn how to use keynote and PowerPoint features. It would be helpful to have those features demonstrated and taught without having to watch several YouTube videos. I’d pay for that. Also I’m wondering if these features can be added to an online course, e.g. Teacheable.

• Have presentations for different levels of expertise

• I think there could have been more "how to". Example, after the sounds game, show how one of the sequences was created.

• I appreciate that you were aware that flashing pictures and sounds could be troublesome to some people, and gave a warning. On a similar note, I really dislike background music in presentations. I thought there might be more about how to actually create things- like a tutorial on the features of Keynote and how to do it. Hopefully that will be the next one?

from 'Presentation Design Basics' directly impacted the creation of 'Presentation Design How-to'!

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We hired Lisa for a very important project primarily because of her reputation throughout the Japanese university/ English teaching landscape. She is well known as an engaging speaker, passionate teacher, and expert presentation designer.

We can attest that her reputation is well earned.

The project we hired her for was complicated in nature. In our first meeting, she listened intently to what we wanted and asked questions to confirm that we were always on the same page. We were impressed with her attention to detail, flexibility, and communication skills throughout the whole process. Of course the work she did for us was beyond impressive. Her level of dedication to our project was very much appreciated. Thanks again!


Thank you for your professional service. Everything went very very well! Interview went well and I negotiated a higher pay and visa sponsorship if I relocate. I was asked to teach 5 hours per week minimum for a bit more than their max pay because of my experience. They also offered me a job teaching ESL science to 7th graders online. I also had the goal to acquire digital nomad work while I scout places to start a business with my older brother. 

I can set out into the world and worry about that visa stuff later and just work remotely like I was doing before COVID. This was my goal and you helped me achieve it.



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