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Hi! I'm Lisa, the founder of YaadPikni. I'm a globetrotting Yaadi (an affectionate name we Jamaicans call ourselves in our native  language) and over the past 15 years, I've worked as a language educator in Jamaica, France, and Japan. I'm an Apple Teacher, a linguist by profession, and an educator with a passion for teaching English and for all matters concerning my native Jamaican language. I also have a talent for creative design.

As an avid presenter, I became comfortable with speaking in front of large audiences from a very early age, and I honed my public speaking skills over the decades. I've worked with numerous presenters one-on-one to help them improve their slide designs, and I've created and delivered multiple professional presentations, webinars, workshops, and guest lectures for audiences in Japan, Korea, and the Caribbean.
Throughout my career, I've worked and consulted on a number of projects from event publicity and video design to lesson planning, contest concept creation, website design, and presentation design. Along the way, I've met and worked with so many amazing individuals who taught me a lot, and who sought me out for my creative ideas and designs.

Visit my Portfolio to see samples of my work!

— Lisa M. Hunsberger

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