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Presentation Design & Video Editing Services

Image by Domenico Loia

All services and consultations cost 3,600 yen/ JMD per hour plus 10% tax. For clients outside Japan and Jamaica, the rate is US$36 per hour plus 10% tax. The first hour of my service is fixed, but time thereafter is prorated by the minute.

All presentation (re-)design and video editing services however start with a FREE 1-hour consultation, after which all consultations will be charged at my hourly rate. During the editing process, I will send you progress reports, and I highly encourage sending me feedback every step of the way.

There can never be too much detail, so please be as detailed and as specific as possible about your aims as this ensures that you receive a truly bespoke end-product.

Private Lessons

For clients who are looking to improve their tech skills with one-on-one sessions, private coaching is just for you! The course syllabus is designed and customised per learning objectives, client availability and experience, and are offered at 6,000 yen/ JMD or 60 USD per hour plus 10% tax.

Find out more using the 'book now' above!

Workshops & Webinars

If you've missed any of my past YaadPikni presentations and would like to be notified about future workshops and webinars, please sign up here.

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